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About Us

In order to meet the need of survivors, HOPE has developed a three-faceted approach to addressing the individual and community needs created by trauma:

Our Mission:

Healing Options for Post-traumatic Experiences (HOPE) intends to

support individuals impacted by trauma by creating positive, progressive, and lasting

changes in their lives and communities.


Everyone deserves to find safety in themselves.


We achieve this by advocating for the opportunity to practice specialized treatment for psychological trauma and expanding access to this therapy to trauma survivors in a fair and equitable manner.

Our Misson

We believe that trauma affects individuals and communities on every level.

In addition to emotional distress, as a result of physical and mental health challenges,

many survivors experience financial limitations.

Financial limitations add to the difficulty many survivors have in accessing effective mental health care; this is even more true for survivors who are

members of marginalized communities.

Lack of access to effective treatment contributes to the further detriment of the survivor's relationship to themselves, their friends and family, and their community.

HOPE seeks to share effective and respectful healing options with individuals and communities while removing the financial barriers that typically prevent access. By doing this, HOPE strives to contribute to the healing and growth of both the survivor's immediate, and larger communities. 

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