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About Us

About Us

In order to meet the need of survivors, HOPE has developed a three faceted approach to
addressing the individual and community needs created by trauma: 
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We acknowledge that we live and work on the unceded traditional lands of the Massachusett Tribe and Pawtucket Tribe, the Indigenous peoples from whom the Colony, Province, and Commonwealth have taken their names.

We recognize these lands have been taken by unjust and violent circumstances and forced relocation that continues to have harmful effects on Native communities. We commit to honor Native Peoples by educating ourselves about the history of native lands, listening and learning from Native Peoples, and promoting racial equity in mental health treatment and access to trauma informed care. 

We believe that trauma affects individuals and communities on every level.

In addition to emotional distress, as a result of physical and mental health challenges,

many survivors experience financial limitations.

Financial limitations add to the difficulty many survivors have in accessing effective mental health care; this is even more true for survivors who are

members of marginalized communities.

Lack of access to effective treatment contributes to the further detriment of the survivors relationship to themselves, their friends and family, and their community.

HOPE seeks to share effective and respectful healing options with individuals and communities while removing the financial barriers that typically prevent access. By doing this, HOPE strives to contribute to the healing and growth of both the survivors immediate, and larger communities. 

Our Mission

Our Mission:

Healing Options for Post-traumatic Experiences (HOPE) intends to

support individuals impacted by trauma by creating positive, progressive, and lasting

changes in their lives and communities.


Everyone deserves to find safety in themselves.

We achieve this by advocating for the opportunity to practice specialized treatment for psychological trauma and expanding access to this therapy to trauma survivors in a fair and equitable manner

Board Members

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Melissa Parker
Erika Lally
Screenshot (647).png
Monique Scott-Megag

Melissa Parker (HOPE Board President) is a licensed mental health counselor who enjoys working with individuals who have been impacted by chronic trauma. In addition to her formal training and experience, Melissa draws on her lived experience with PTSD and DID in providing trauma therapy; she is excited to help create access to MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy. .

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Alex Turowski

Alex Turowski (HOPE Board Member) is a licensed mental health counselor who works with survivors of trauma. He strives to work from a place of respect and authenticity, and believes in the power of MDMA assisted psychotherapy as a catalyst in the healing process. 

Erika Lally (HOPE Board Treasurer)  is a licensed mental health counselor and a registered art therapist who specializes in trauma treatment. She believes in the innate resilience of people and likes to help others find their strengths.

Kevin J. McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy (HOPE Board Member) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker that specializes in the treatment of clients with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. He uses board service to demonstrate his passion for social justice, equity and inclusion and to facilitate systemic change. He believes that unconditional positive regard and love for all is the path to joy and freedom in our society

Monique Scott- Megag (HOPE Board Secretary)  is an experienced Non-profit Operations Professional and Racial Equity Advocate & Activist. Monique has a translucent approach to her career and personal life – and believes hope & joy are life’s best practices.

Screenshot (642).png
Amanda Brickley

Amanda Brickley(HOPE Board Member) holds an optimistic and holistic approach to working with survivors of trauma. In her work as a licensed mental health counselor, Amanda utilizes humor, creativity, and curiosity. Amanda is looking forward to providing MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy.

Jin Li Frick_HOPE_edited.jpg
Jin Li Frick

Jin Li Frick

(HOPE Board Member) has 30+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors, having held roles both on the corporate side and in professional services. Jin Li has lived on both sides of the U.S. coast as well as in China and Malaysia and spent time in Europe as a student.

She believes that human connections start with open and honest conversation, and dreams of a hope-filled
future for her children.


Fundraising Appeal

 For gifts of $300 or less, please feel free to use our fundraising platform.
If you would like to donate over $300 to HOPE, please contact Erika Lally @

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